Tooling Design

Transforming designs into physical parts and products.

Designing a product is a complex task involving multiple design considerations in terms of aesthetics, tolerances, materials, costs, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.

K-One’s tooling design engineers help customers realise the mould designs that would scale these considerations into actual production assembly parts and products. Our tooling designers provide effective and reliable tooling designs that are cost-effective for manufacturing and quality-driven.

Our expertise includes:

• Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Review
• Plastic Mouldflow Analysis
• Plastic 2K Moulding Design
• Tool Design Optimization
• Tool Material Selection
• Cooling Channel Optimization

We are well versed in tool designs for:

• Plastic Injection Moulding
• Compression Moulding
• Sheet Metal Stamping
• Metal Die Casting

Design ingenuity. Manufacturing agility and scale. Supply chain innovation.

No matter how complex or demanding the project, we are determined to help today’s technology innovators solve it.

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