Mechanical Design

The mechanical engineers at K-One employ state-of-the-art 3D CAD software such as “Unigraphics” in developing mechanical solutions in both metal and plastic enclosures.

Designing innovative, cost-effective and highly manufacturable products

K-One’s mechanical design engineers provide innovative, cost-effective, and highly-manufacturable designs to help our customers overcome their challenges and translate them into actual products.

Our expertise includes:


• Plastics Design
• Sheet Metal Design
• Cast Metal Design
• Thermoplastic Elastomer Design
• Tooling Design (Plastics, Metal)
• Packaging Design

Analysis and Simulation

• Prototype - 3D Printing, Soft Tooling, CNC
• Material Selection
• Moldflow Analysis
• FEA Structural Analysis
• FEA Thermal Analysis
• Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis
• Tolerance Stacking Analysis

Verification and Validation

• Durability Testing
• Environmental Testing
• Dimensional Analysis

Design ingenuity. Manufacturing agility and scale. Supply chain innovation.

No matter how complex or demanding the project, we are determined to help today’s technology innovators solve it.

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