Security & Surveillance

Protecting the well-being of people and property.

Security and surveillance play a pivotal role in today’s safety-conscious society as it affects all facets of life. Safety measures such as security cameras are fundamental aspects of an integrated surveillance system, which is key to protecting the well-being of people and property.

As the Internet of Things gained momentum in recent years, it has opened up many possibilities of security solutions. The advent of new technologies that enhance security devices heralds a new stage as Internet of Things paved the way for improved connectivity between different systems. Consumers can remotely manage security devices and receive real-time updates.

Consumers can make decisions based on current statuses without having to be at the location. The data collected can also be used to gauge future decision-making. Our team is equipped with extensive experience to allow us to successfully provide our customers with innovative security solutions. K-One understands that safety is a matter of paramount importance and we are focused on offering solutions that are state-of-the-art and reliable.

Our team of engineers are highly committed and can quickly adapt to the continuously improving security standards of the industry. K-One’s security products include devices such as security cameras, access control systems, detection sensors, etc.

K-One’s products feature advanced embedded system design and mechanical design capabilities that prioritises both safety and security for our customers. These factors hold utmost significance due to the vast amount of communication needed between IoT devices.

Our team of engineers apply the best practices in the industry to ensure the end product is of satisfactory quality. Vigorous testing is also conducted in accordance with established safety standards.

Design ingenuity. Manufacturing agility and scale. Supply chain innovation.

No matter how complex or demanding the project, we are determined to help today’s technology innovators solve it.

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