Solutions by Industries

Supporting Growth and Differentiation Across Industries

  •  IoT (Internet of Things)

    Building the ecosystem
    for the next big thing.

    The Internet of Things has seen significant growth in recent years. With the rocketing trend of data and information sharing, the number of connected devices is projected to grow to 55 billion by 2025.

  •  Healthcare/Medical

    Transforming the
    experience of care.

    Medical devices occupy the largest industry in the healthcare realm, driven by emerging new technologies and the increasing demand for healthcare services. In recent years, many medical devices companies who favour technological advancements have grown exponentially.

  •  Consumer Electronics (Lifestyle)

    Optimizing functionality and
    comfort in our electronic products.

    Our qualified, dedicated, and multi-disciplinary team of technologists and engineers are aligned to support the lifestyle demands by designing and developing practical and innovative consumer lifestyle gadgets.

  •  Automotive

    Empowering Safe,
    Intelligent and Connected Vehicles.

    The automotive industry sector is continuously being redefined by its innovative technological advancements. K-One is dedicated to meeting the industry’s expectations for design, development, and manufacturing needs for automotive aggregates.

  •  Security & Surveillance

    Protecting the well-being
    of people and property.

    Security and surveillance play a pivotal role in today’s safety-conscious society as it affects all facets of life. Safety measures such as security cameras are fundamental aspects of an integrated surveillance system, which is key to protecting the well-being of people and property.

  •  Industrial

    Embracing the Industry
    4.0 revolution.

    K-One shines in developing and manufacturing industrial equipment such as floor-care equipment, packaging machines, and fluid dispensers. Our expertise includes sourcing, designing, and fabricating mechanical enclosures, PCBA, wire harnessed, and other sub-assemblies.

  •  Communications

    Creating devices for
    a fully connected intelligent world.

    Mobile communication devices such as smartphones, personal laptops, and pocket Wi- Fi have become a necessity on a global scale. The ability to keep in touch on the go with family or business associates and access emails are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of mobile devices.

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  •  Industrial Design

    Industrial Design

    Innovative solutions beyond form and function

  •  Tooling Design

    Tooling Design

    Transforming designs into physical parts and products

  •  Mechanical Design

    Mechanical Design

    The mechanical engineers at K-One employ state-of-the art 3D CAD software such as “Unigraphics” in developing mechanical solutions in both metal and plastic enclosures.

  •  Electronics Design

    Electronics Design

    State of arts

  •  Software Design

    Software Design

    Innovative software & firmware solutions

  •  Prototyping


    Short turn around time prototyping

  •  Test Development

    Test Development

    Turnkey test development solutions

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